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Our Story

We make gifting effortless and extraordinary


We are an artisan gifting business that specializes in curated gift box design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and special occasions.


Over the past 16 years, The Invitation Place has been capturing your special moments in print with custom invitations and event stationery.  2020 presented us with the question, how do we keep our celebrations and connections meaningful during a time of disconnect? The answer was FEEL GOOD GIFTING by The Invitation Place!

A collection of custom and curated gift boxes were born. How we choose to honour special occasions and build our personal and business relationships matters.

Every gift we thoughtfully put together, tells a story and has the unboxing experience in mind. From the elegant box with smooth magnetic opening, a glimmer of gold foil sparkle, to the finishing touches inside. Beautiful, timeless, quality items wrapped to perfection with a personalized gift card.

We have hand selected gifts that support our relationships, well-being and economy. Every product sold in our gifting program supports a North American small business and none of the items are available on Amazon.


We hope these beautiful, unique boxes make you feel good about gifting, bringing a smile to both you and the receiver.


Our mission is to make gifting effortless and extraordinary.


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